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Be it the arts or sports, we got you covered. Check out our list of services below!

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Weekend Classes

Working with various venue partners, our weekend classes are conducted every Friday and Saturday. 

With all equipment provided, your child only needs to wear comfortable clothes, covered shoes, bring a small towel and a bottle of water.

Trial classes are available for booking (subjected to availability).

Preschool Programme

Our science-based programme would fit a comprehensive sports and exercise component seamlessly into any curriculum. 


We have been successful in introducing both core and optional enrichment programmes across childcare and kindergartens in Singapore, and have documentation support for licensing needs as well as SPARKS certification.

Parties & Events

Contact us for a Ready Steady Go Kids party! We offer a healthy way to party by providing an age-appropriate sports programme.


With experienced staff onsite and a supply of all sports equipment required, keeping the children occupied at events has never been easier and safer.

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*PlayTime Theatre programmes are currently available in preschools only. 

English Speech and Drama

PlayTime Theatre’s English Speech & Drama programme is filled with activities to get children moving on their feet and their minds active.


Lessons are carefully thought through and planned to create a conducive and intrinsically motivated environment for the children to learn and play.

Mandarin Speech and Drama 华文戏剧课

Our programme is filled with interesting and high impact activities that is sure to capture children’s interests, spark their imagination, ignite their creativity and develop their innate potential.

The ability to understand and converse confidently in Mandarin opens up a window of opportunities for your child.


Using drama, children are given an outlet for self-expression in Mandarin, and freedom to explore the Chinese language through play.

Holiday programme

We have the perfect solution to keep your child active and occupied during the holiday period. Instead of whiling time away or having too much screen-time, our fun-packed activities will engage your child meaningfully.

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Preschool Programme

Jay Jay Jolly's preschool programme is specially designed for N2 to K2. ​It includes a wide range of age-appropriate 2D and 3D art and craft activities that works to stimulate young minds.


JayJayJolly's My Lil Sunshine programme is specially designed for PG and N1 children to give them a headstart with exposure and experience with an array of art and craft material and tools. 

Educational elements are incorporated, where children get to learn through play. Jay Jay Jolly also implements a process oriented approach in coaching students with focus on several key objectives for each project

Holiday programme

It will be a "celebration of colours" for all students who join our holidays programmes. 


Be it online or in person, JayJayJolly's holiday workshops will be sure to add some joy and laughters for the holidays. We tackle each project with playful techniques as children are motivated to explore their creativity confidently. 

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Preschool Programme

Little music explorers curriculum was constructed based on the Kodaly, Dalcroze, and Orff methodologies. Students will benefit in numerous areas, such as cultivating inner musculature, developing cognitive intelligence, refining motor and kinetic abilities, and strengthening social skills.

Catered to children of 18 months to 6 years old, the music curriculum was constructed based on the Kodaly, Dalcroze and Orff methodologies. Emphasising on the elements of ‘play’, this programme revolves around musical games, dance and movement to introduce musical concepts.


Children will also learn the basic skills of playing several instruments such as the boomwhackers, xylophones and ukulele. 

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